Banana Chips manufacturing Business, The Hidden Secret.

banana chips manufacturing study case

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The banana chips manufacturing business is the fastest growing business. Then also many startups fail. In this article, we will learn step by step, how to get success in this business.

Scope of Banana chips manufacturing business

Banana chips are also known as “Banana Wafers” is basically banana dried slices. The banana chips business is a small scale business that can be started from home. If you are looking business to start from home then it is best to choose. The banana chips business has a 50 per cent margin, so there is maximum scope for this business. Low-risk high income.

Banana chips making process?

  • Currently, Purely made of raw banana.
  • The selection of banana is very important.
  • The banana cover removed before processing.
  • Then banana slices are done.
  • Slices are also added in hot deep oil for fry.
  • As the frying process is done then add spices.
  • At the time of adding spices, you have to add your secret formula.
  • After all, a process has done you have to pack it for selling.

Before the Banana chips manufacturing start-up what you need to know?

  1. Before starting this industry work out on following steps.
  2. You have to study the market.
  3. sales system.
  4. raw material availability.
  5. what to do whatnot.
  6. Information about processing line technical study.
  7. Investment of your funds.
  8. Prepare project report yourself, not to download from internet or don’t refer ready made project report prepare on your study so you can get exact knowledge.
  9. Information about licensing.
  10. Competitors in your area.
  11. Don’t directly start your manufacturing company based on internet or YouTube research. Join any government training institute or private institute where you can study banana chips manufacturing company details.
  12. Hey, I always suggesting for my followers because if you are searching for this industry it is your dream project. I understand, so as a friend, I always suggest training and becoming an expert because experts never fail.

Can we get funds from the bank for the Banana chips manufacturing business?

  • Banks provide different types of customized loans as per your requirement.
  • 1) If you want only working capital, then banks provide cash credit or overdraft facility.
  • 2) If you want only working capital, then banks provide cash credit or overdraft facility.
  • 3) If you only need finance for purchasing machinery, then you can apply for machinery hypothecation.
  • 4)you can apply for total project finance. if you have any query please drop them in the comment box

Are banana products good for health or not?

Banana chips may be a convenient snack on occasion. Banana chips are light, easy to pack.

And a quick source of calories and simple carbs, they’re an excellent option but also it is good for health compare to other junk food.

How much demand in the market for the Banana chips manufacturing business?

Recently in the Indian and other countries market, there is high demand for banana chips and also There is the maximum demand in the market. It is equally important that It’s healthy and tasty food.

If you are thinking to start Banana chips manufacturing business, what are the chances of success?

There is a 100 per cent chance of success. In fact, Without training, knowledge, making survey reports, market demand study does not start a business.

In major countries, the maximum banana is produced at a mass level.

India, China, the Philippines, Ecuador and brazil produce maximum banana

Major state of India maximum banana products are produced are as follow

  • Ya! of course, states like, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra’s produced maximum banana.
  • Banana products marketing and sales strategies, Banana products marketing and sales strategies are different for different segment.
  • 1 segment if you are planning to sell in un-branding without a label it is a deferent segment.
  • 2 segment if you are planning to sell with the brand in your country.
  • 3 segment if you are planning to sell in other countries.
  • Firstly, choose your segment from where you want to start and start studying that segment take proper training.

What infrastructure require to start Banana chips manufacturing business?

  • Land
  • Infrastructure
  • Machinery
  • Electricity
  • Labor
  • Water
  • Transportation
  • All the above points are common in all segment and also it depends on what capacity plant you are implementing.

What machinery required to start the Banana chips manufacturing business?

On a small-scale basis, therefore, As your business grows, you can convert it into fully automatic banana chips making unit.

  1. Washing tank.
  2. Peeling knives.
  3. Slicing machine.
  4. Rinsing and spinning machine.
  5. Batch fryer.
  6. Spice coating pan.
  7. Sealing machine with inert gas flushing arrangement.
  8. Laboratory equipment.

What investment require to start Banana chips manufacturing business?

  • small scale industry 2 lakh (US $2762.67) to 5 lakh( US $ 6906.68).
  • medium scale industry 6 lakh (the US $8288.02 ) to 15 lakh (the US $20720.04 ).
  • corporate-level industry.

Problems facing by Banana chips manufacturing business

As per research this are common factors why banana chips manufacturing fail.

  1. No research and study starting industry.
  2. Also, Without planning starting industry.
  3. Without finance planning starting industry.
  4. Bank loan or any other hand loan fund management.
  5. Also, Without training starting industry.

Conclusion of our Banana chips manufacturing business study.

conclusion of our Banana chips manufacturing business study, in the final analysis, you can start this industry from any location and expand your business there is no limitation. Also, No funds take from the bank or private institution. without training don’t start the business.
Hence, to Become an expert in this field experts never fail.

Below is the link of training provided to get deep information about banana business.

banana chips manufacturing study case

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