how to make ice blocks, manufacturing business.

how to make ice blocks

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how to make ice blocks, The strong demand for ice blocks for cooling has created a booming business opportunity in cities, towns and villages.

This article introduces you to this small business idea and everything you need to know to succeed in it!

Scope of Ice block manufacturing business

Ice-making can be very profitable if your business is run efficiently and your product is marketed well. Since water is the only raw material, producing ice seems fairly simple. However, because ice must be safe for human consumption and some special industries application, your local health department may have a number of requirements you must meet if you are going to make and sell ice. 

How much demand in the market for Ice blocks manufacturing industry?

One of the advantages of starting up an ice business is that there is only a low start-up and overhead cost.

This business is not a “seasonal” type of business therefore you may be able to earn constantly.

What Raw material required for Ice block manufacturing business?

When considering the manufacture of ice on board fishing vessels, seawater will be the natural choice of raw material. When considering whether to use fresh or seawater in land-based plants, the decision will depend on several factors, such as the availability of regular supplies, the location of the ice plant and the intended use of the ice (e.g. for use on board fishing vessels or on shore).

Whatever type of water is used, it must be remembered that the resultant ice will come into direct contact with food. For this reason, it is essential that the water used is free from contamination that could cause risks to human health or tainting of the fish so that it becomes unacceptable. This implies that the water must be of drinking-water quality and comply with the safety standards laid down by such bodies as the World Health Organization.

Before the Ice block manufacturing industry start-up what you need to know?

#1 Target high population density areas

The ice block business is a volume business; the more blocks you sell, the more money you make!

Ice block businesses that sell large volumes are usually located in areas that have a high population density and experience a lot of physical, economic and business activities.

Busy roads and streets, areas with high pedestrian traffic (like markets, schools and industrial/residential estates) are good targets for this business.

Many of the people who will become your customers (like petty traders, shop owners and restaurant operators) are usually located in these areas. Your ice block business needs to be close to the action!  (photo credit: 

#2 Ice block is a seasonal business!

Although I mentioned that ice blocks can make for a lucrative business, it is important that you know it’s also a seasonal business.

During the rainy season, which usually starts around March and peaks in July. There are fewer hours of heat and sunlight. When the weather is cooler, people don’t like to take cold/chilled drinks as often as they would in hot weather.

#3 – Target habitual consumers

Habitual consumers are those people and businesses that require a constant supply of ice block. Just to meet their personal, household or business needs. Some of these habitual consumers include event/party planners, restaurant/hotel operators, petty traders and vendors in busy streets and markets.

These consumers will be interested in any ice block maker or supplier who can meet their daily needs for ice block. A customer at a price and convenience that makes sense. With a number of this type of consumers as your customers, you are assured of a steady volume of sales in and out of season.

#4 – Watch out for the competition!

From a business analysis perspective, ice block production is a low-entry barrier business.

This means that anybody who can afford the machines can fill up containers with water and Voila! she’s in the ice block business! No special skills or knowledge is required!

As a result, your competition can enter this business easily. Should this discourage you? Of course not! To survive, you will need to be smarter than your competition. (photo credit:

Ice blocks are a commodity product; they all basically look the same. Price and convenience (location) are usually the only things that will make more customers patronize your ice block business over other competitors.

To remain competitive with your pricing, you will need to keep your production costs low.

Hence, Always keep a close watch on how much you are spending on electricity bills, water and labour. Reduce wastage and unnecessary costs as best as you can.

If you’re just starting out this business, you may not need to employ too many hands. It’s a very simple and straightforward business that you can handle yourself. If you can keep your costs as low as possible, it becomes possible for you to offer better (lower) prices than your competition and still make a profit!

#5 Take care of your machines

Your ice block making machine and power generator are the heart of your business. You should always make sure that you stick to the recommended maintenance schedule.

Hence, If your machines stop working, the business stalls and you may disappoint your customers who depend on you for their ice block needs. The last thing you want for yourself in this business is a reputation for disappointing/failing your customers.

To avoid any of these undesirable outcomes, keep a technician on hand to take care of any mechanical or electrical faults as they arise.

Can we get funds from the bank for the Ice block factory?

If you have enough money to start up your own business, better. But in case that you do not have enough money to start your own business. At the moment, you can borrow money from banks. And lending firms or other financial institutions. But remember that you should only borrow the amount of money that you can pay. Hence, Failure to do so may result in additional charges, or worse, your collateral will be taken away from you.

If you are thinking to start Ice blocks manufacturing business, what are the chances of success?

It is our usual practice here a deep understanding of every business idea we share. By understanding the factors responsible for the demand behind every business. Entrepreneurs can become more creative with their products and adapt in time to changes in the market.

Like every other business ideas and opportunities, we share on Smallstarter, consumer demand.

Therefore, Let’s now take a look at other reasons for the huge demand for ice block .

What investment require to start Ice factory

Ice block margin is based on tons. This ton is from 2-5lakh.

Everything depends how much money you want to investment on products.

Conclusion of our Ice blocks manufacturing business study

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