How to make tutti frutti manufacturing business

How to make tutti frutti

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How to make tutti frutti, We are manufacturer and exporter of Tutti Frutti Making Machine. Having a robust and sturdy structure, the machines are efficient in making tutti frutti.
They are in complete adherence to the food and health norms and international standards. We also offer long life reliable service by our staff for these machines.

Scope of tutti fruttis business

  1. Bakery products: Like buns, cakes, bread, pizza, rolls etc.
  2. Ice creams & puddings: Fruity ice cream, jellies and puddings.
  3. Confectionery: Sweetmeats, hard-boiled candy etc.
  4. In sweet/sour preparations at home: In payasam, curd rice
  5. Chewing pans; Sweet pans
  6. Salads: Along with dry fruits
  7. Mouth freshener

What Raw material required for the tutti frutti manufacturing business?

The major raw materials required to produce papaya candy ( Tuti-Fruit) such as Raw Green Papaya, Citric acid, Colour, Flavor, Preservatives and Sugar are easily available in the local market of India.

Before the tuti futi manufacturing business start-up what you need to know?


Firstly, This profile envisages the establishment of a plant for the production of Papaya Candy (Tuti-fruit) with a capacity of 500-1000 kg/ day.


The plant will create employment opportunities for 5-10 persons, directly. Indirect employment to contract skilled and unskilled labour and marketing team of 15 persons.


The total area also requirement for the envisaged project is estimated at 1000-1500 square feet.


The candied Papaya (Tuti-fruti) can be packed in plastic bottles, pouches of 50 gm, 100gm, 250 gm, 500g, 1 kg and bulk packaging up to 50 kg.

FSSAI Regulatory

For the starting any food Industry you have to go for FSSAI license, MSME, Shop act license.

Licensing and Registration

  1. Firstly, Start from food business licensing to smooth functioning and compliance with the latest regulation we help food companies with complete regulatory support.
  2. Secondly, Defining product categories, ingredients selection, its permissible limits and health claims, nutritional labelling these are some illustrations of our regulatory role

Can we get funds from the bank for the tutti frutti manufacturing business?

The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana (PMKSY) scheme envisages financial assistance to food processing units in the form of grant-in-aid as under:

 35%of the eligible project cost to a max. Of general areas;

tuti futi manufacturing business good for health or not?

Tutti frutti is not at all a healthy thing to eat and it is also not compulsory to include it in your diet, you can have had it for a few months. Hence, Tutti frutti is made up of Raw papaya and soaked in sugar syrup and colour which is not at all good. Hence, Avoid it as far as possible.

Tutti Frutti manufacturing process

How to make tutti frutti

Process flow:

Papaya Fruit

Washing and cleaning


Mechanical cubing

Soaking in sugar syrup and draining



Papaya Candy (Tutti-fruit) ready to sale

What investment required to start a tutti frutti manufacturing business?

The total investment is estimated at about Rs 10-12 Lakh, out of which Rs. 6-8 Lakh is required for plant Machinery.

Hence, The project is expected to have an internal rate of return 25%-30% with a break-even in 2 and year.

Therefore, Market price -80-85 Rs/Kg in bulk and 200 Rs/ kg in retail

Average cost of production- 50-55 Rs/kg

What machinery required to start (How to make tutti frutti manufacturing business)?

Principle Equipment: Preparation tables, Fruit washing tank, Fruit cubing machine, Syrup making tank, Steam jacketed Kettle, Tray dryer and Sealing machine. Auxiliary Equipment: Platform weighing scale, Boiler, Generator, Water pump, Materials handling equipment (vessels, knives, crates, buckets, trolleys.

Conclusion of our tutti frutti manufacturing business study

The above information tells us about the tutti frutti business and its scope in the market

So, for a successsful earning and to make a brand you need best knowledge and training .

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How to make tutti frutti

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