Gulkand manufacturing business industry

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Gulkand manufacturing, this article contains scope, demand, raw material, market size, etc.

Scope of Gulkand business

Scope for floriculture in developing economy is anticipated to flourish as a mainstream occupation, majorly dominated by small and medium sized enterprises. Moreover, low cost maintenance including low labour costs in developing
countries, is also a critical factor contributing to the growth of floriculture industry. The scope for floriculture is expected to remain promising, ranging from seeds and tissue cultures to as single cut flowers, bouquets, potted flowers, potted plants—use as decorative and ornamentals. Small and medium enterprises, who majorly dominate the floriculture landscape, have significantly benefitted from a well-developed virtualized freight and logistics network and a well-coordinated supply chain, comprising growers, auctions, traders, logistics service providers and gift shop outlets.

How much demand in the market for Gulkand products?

The floriculture market in Europe is another high revenue generating region, demonstrating sustained growth in recent years, predominantly attributed to growing demand for cut flowers in France and Germany, amongst other European Union Nations. Moreover, Netherlands is projected to remain a leading exporter of bulbs and cut flowers.

What Raw material required for Gulkand manufacturing?

Gulkand is a sweet made of rose petals. This is mainly used as an ingradient in paan to add more taste. Gulkand
consists of glouce, vitamins etc. It is also having the medicinal value and hence Ayurvedic and Homeopathic doctors
suggests Gulkand for energy and good health. Raw materials required for the Gulkand are Rose flowers, sugar,
essence, cooking gas and tins of various sizes.

Can we get funds from bank for Gulkand manufacturing business?

It had been traditionally used as a cooling tonic to combat fatigue, lethargy, muscular aches, biliousness, itching, and heat-related conditions.

Besides medicinal value, gulkand is a treat for paan lovers in UP.

According to experts UP is one of the leaders in Gulkand production in the country, with Kannauj being a major hub.

“In terms of paan production UP comes at number four after Bengal, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh,” economic expert Siddhath Kalhans said.

He said that in UP paan was produced in 22 districts.

Process of gulkand manufacturing

In a vessel water and sugar are mixed and this solution is boiled till a thich sugar syrup is
prepared. In this hot sugar syrup rose petals are added and mixed thoughrghloy till thick paste I fromed .Essence is
added for falavour to this paste when it gets cooled. This sweet semi paste is called Gulkhand. This Gulkhand is then
packed in 250 gm, 300 gm and 1 KG TINS

Gulkand good for health or not?

Gulkand is a powerful antioxidant and a very good rejuvenator. Consuming 1 – 2 teaspoons of gulkand helps to reduce acidity and stomach heat. It also helps in treating ulcers and prevents swelling in the intestine. Gulkand helps to treat mouth ulcers, strengthens teeth and gums

Gulkand marketing strategies

An expert said that Kannauj itself accounted for manufacture of around Rs 300 crore-worth ‘gulkand‘, which is famous not only in India, but off shore as well.

What investment require to start Gulkand manufacturing business?

Project Cost :
Land : Own
Raw Material :
Equipment : 50,000.00
Working Capital
Gas Stove, Aluminium vessels, Big spoons, & Misc. items
Total Capital Expenditure
(Rs. in 000)
0.00 485.36
Estimated Annual Production Capacity:
Particulars Capacity in No..
Wages (Skilled & Unskilled) :
Total Value

What machinery required to start Gulkand industry manufacturing business?

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