Besan Manufacturing business learn in detail.

besan manufacturing business

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The Besan manufacturing business is profitable business start as small scale industry and scalable to international market.

scope for Besan Plant (gram flour)

Staple food used in many Indian cuisines and Besan also known as gram flour and chickpea flour. It prepared from chickpeas, but besan made from ground Bengal gram or white grams (chana dal) has a softer texture and slightly sweeter taste. Besan consumed as an ingredient for making bread, desserts, curries or other dishes with doughy consistency like Farsan/namkeen/roti/paratha etc., but it tastes best when added to the batter of besan halwa which makes it healthier than using sugar in baking recipes

What raw material requirements used for besan manufacturing business?

In the production of raw material, dal and besan are some of its most important raw materials. Besan generic name for several different kinds of ground flour made with chickpeas or grams. It can be used as it is (ground from unroasted beans) or further processed into lentils, pasta doughs, biscuits and pizza crusts etc.

Besan manufacturing business / Gram(besan) flour milling Machine required

Gram flour machine is a gram flour processing equipment, gram production line, which is mainly used to produce different kinds of flours. The main function of the machine:

  • To achieve complete grinding and mixing,
  • Flour sieve through the length of the mixing blade with high efficiency and uniformity
  • Industrial Crushing grinding and pulverizing equipment
  • packaging machine

How besan (gram) flour is manufactured?

The machinery manufacturing process is a multi-stage procedure that starts with the selection of raw materials and procuring them. The machinery manufacturing process involves several processes such as mixing, sieving, screening & drying but stages are essential in ensuring high-quality besan/gram flour with special characteristics because it is used for various purposes like pasta making, beverages, bakery products, namkeen/snacks products and so medicines.

chickpeas or grams conditioning

If you are purchasing chickpeas or grams directly from farmers then you have to condition the grams because you cannot use directly in flour making machine for this process so better idea is to take training of besan/gram flour manufacturing.

The besan manufacturing business process of besan flour

Besan manufacturing process is a process of manufacturing quality besan or gram flour involves four major processes, as explained above.

Besan Flour Mill Permission & Registration

1) company registration

2) GST / tax registration

3) MSME registration

4) food licenses

small scale industry

Besan manufacturing business comes under small scale industry.


In Maharashtra, maximum gram crops are cultivated.


In Gujarat maximum besan production is available.

the exporter market for besan flour

There is a good chance for export.

Can I start a besan mill from any place?

Yes, of course, you can start it from anywhere ad it is good for health and have high demand growth in every country.

Besan manufacturing business project report

It is the need of time that people should make their own report in order to get more knowledge about the project. If you are preparing a project report for your job then you can also prepare it by your own self

the market potential for besan manufacturing business

There is high potential for besan flour in markets.

How can I start this business?


Don’t start a business without training, many people fail because they start their business without training.


if you want to get success in business then you should get train for it.


start successful business after completing your training

चना बेसन मैन्युफैक्चरिंग बिजनेस लाइव ट्रेनिंग नीचे वीडियो में देखिए ।

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