Business ideas in Nigeria

Business ideas in Nigeria

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Business ideas in Nigeria, In this article you get a basic introduction to business. Here you will definitely understand the profitability of the business.

Firstly, the citizen of Nigeria earns a profit. Then, their business profit shares to the government and they only get 67.8 per cent of profit. For example, if a business earns 10000 Nigerian nairas then 3220 Nigerian nairas need to give the government the tax. They only get 6780 Nigerian nairas and it will limit the expansion of business as yearly profit frequently be the main resource of capital to grow the firm. So the high tax rate will make the entrepreneur have less money to increase the capital in the business.

What business to start? This is a hot question!

So, no worry!

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Business ideas for ladies in Nigeria

The number one reason a lot of ladies shy away from starting a business is due to the lack of start-up capital in Nigeria.

There are numerous low-cost startup small businesses that women can do in Nigeria to generate money for themselves

Every year, tertiary institutions churn out thousands of graduates with no commensurate job opportunities created to accommodate them and this adds to the already massive population of unemployed youths. As a lady, you cannot wait for the government to create a job for you before you can make money. Besides, the majority of the rich women in Nigeria are mostly into business, with most of them starting small to build a massive business empire for themselves.

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Ladies from Nigeria can also start e-commerce online store

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Business ideas for students in Nigeria

There are many amazing business ideas for Nigerian students but it takes only few students to notice them.

And as such, this article shall succinctly unravel the top business ideas for Nigerian students with little or no investment capital.

Hence, Do you know what it means to be broke in school? Are you in dire need of a business idea and opportunity you can start as a student to make extra cash in other to compliment the little given to you by your parents?

If yes, this article will paddle you through the list of businesses you can do while still in school.

To know the types of business ideas for students click on below link……

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